Friday, 13 December 2019

Backed by legislation


Slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, global authorities have seen the benefits of renewable energy. And they’re following this up with action. This has led to policies and legislation being promulgated to clear the way to bringing them online. Further support has been in the form of funding, tax breaks and other financial assistance to get renewable energy products into the market.

“The number of policies and targets in place worldwide to support the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies increased yet again in 2012 and early 2013, and the number of countries supporting renewables continued to rise. As of early 2013, renewable energy support policies were identified in 127 countries, an increase of 18 from the 109 countries reported in GSR 2012. More than two-thirds of these countries were developing or emerging economies.”

Automotive Biomass Programme for Nigeria (E10 Policy): The NNPC has been given the mandate to create an environment for the take-off of a domestic fuel ethanol industry. The aim is to gradually reduce the nation’s dependence on imported gasoline, reduce environmental pollution while at the same time creating a commercially viable industry that can precipitate sustainable domestic jobs.
The Bio-fuel programme constitutes a major and unique attempt to integrate the agricultural sector of the economy with the downstream petroleum sector.

The use of Bio-fuels in Nigeria is anticipated to make significant impact on petroleum products quality enhancement in view of the current limitations of the fossil-based fuels which have not kept pace with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly fuel

The objective of the programme is to firmly establish a thriving fuel ethanol industry utilizing agricultural products as a means of improving the quality of automotive fossil-based fuels in Nigeria. The Policy shall link the agricultural and the energy sector, with the underlying aim of stimulating development in the agricultural sector